Mari's Speaker Worshops

Speaker Worshops

Speaking Schedule:

March 5, 2019
Lighthouse Home School Support Group
Wake Forest, NC

March 16, 2019
Creating Connections Family Conference
Raleigh, NC

I facilitate the following worship topics:

  • The Power of MOM (Motivation Openness Momentum)
  • ‚ÄčK-12: 26 Things To Do Before Your Student Graduates
  • The Power of MOM (Motivation Openness Momentum)
  • The 5 Things That Will Happen In Your Life
  • Myths of the Empty Nest
  • The Shackle of the "Shoulds"
  • Thought Currents (And How to Swim Against the Tide)
  • It's Cold Outside My Covers
  • Bungee Jumping With God
  • A Picture of Beauty and Grace